Chinese-American Museum of Chicago


Chinese-American Museum of Chicago


The mission of the Chinese-American Museum of Chicago (CAMOC) is to promote the culture and history––through exhibitions, education, and research––of Chinese-Americans in the Midwest.

Experience more by visiting the Chinese-American Museum of Chicago in person!

238 W. 23rd St., Chicago, IL

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Collection Items

Bride and Groom dolls in Chinese dress

Wedding Invitation
Invitation to Nicholas and Heidi Moy's wedding, Dec 17, 2005.

Wedding Gold Bracelet
Bangle made of 24k gold, floral design. Gift to the lender in 1982.

Chinese Bridal Cheongsam
Bridal red brocade cheongsam (qipao) decorated with dragons & phoenixes, worn by lender at her wedding in 2005.

Wedding Mementos
Bracelet was given to wedding guests as keepsake at a wedding in China which the lender attended in December of 2014.

Red Packets
Red envelopes are used to hold monetary gifts for couples getting married.

Wedding Headdress
An example of a Chinese women's wedding headdress.

Wedding Basket
Woven bamboo basket with long handle used for wedding gifts.

Wedding Purse
Green beaded wedding purse with red glass handles. The purse is decorated with the Chinese symbol for Double Happiness, the design is most often attributed to marriage.

Wedding Basket
5-tiered red woven bamboo wedding basket with handle. This basket was used for gifts and/or food.
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Great Museum in Chinatown!. Let's see more!



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Kelvin Gary

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