Chicago's Community


Chicago's Community


Tour through items presented by the public at Chicago Cultural Alliance events and programs. As items are also added to the website by the public from home they will be collected and shared here. Contribute your object and story now!

Items in the Chicago's Community Collection

Hand Knitted Vest
These two vests were hand knitted by Been En. She had knitted a lot of scarves, hats, sweaters, jackets, vests for her eight children, their spouses and 16 grandchildren. Some of her grandchildren had once disliked her vests, thinking that they were…

Native American Hair Accessory
White and silver beaded leather hair accessory made for a wedding by a resident of the Salish Indian Reservation in Montana.

Japanese Internment ID Tags
Japanese American ID tag issued by the US government to be worn by US citizens incarcerated at Internment Camps during World War II.

Polish Highlander Socks
Socks made in Poland by an artist who specializes in the highland traditions of the southern region of the country. These socks were purchased as a gift and brought over from Poland on a recent vacation.

Heirloom Dress
Dress purchased by the presenter's great grandfather for her mother, circa 1960s, likely purchased in Chicago on a trip from their hometown in Iowa.

Latvian Jewelry: The 7 Day Ring
Latvian jewelry made in spiral formation most popular with rings and bracelets. The 7-day ring, or Latvian engagement ring, is made out of either silver or gold and formed into 7 circles with "bells"

Enduring Objects Event
Audience and presentation photos from the event "Enduring Objects" held at the Chicago Cultural Center February 11, 2016 by the Chicago Cultural Alliance

Mehndi Sari
Green sari and blouse from India decorated with gold bead-work and embroidery to be worn on the occasion of a bridal/wedding Mehndi celebration.


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