Japanese American Service Committee of Chicago


Japanese American Service Committee of Chicago


The Japanese American Service Committee of Chicago engages people of all ages to experience Japanese American history and culture and to improve their well-being through innovative, high quality programs and services tailored to the multicultural community.

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4427 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL

Visit the Japanese American Service Committee of Chicago's website at: http://www.jasc-chicago.org/

Collection Items

Issei Work Center
Photograph of Issei Work Center, ca. 1970. As the Nisei became accustomed to living in Chicago, the aging Issei were still troubled. The JASC (Japanese American Service Committee; formerly the Chicago Resettlers Committee) opened the Issei Work…

"Go" Tournament
Photograph of a “Go” tournament, 1949. Issei men play traditional Japanese game at the CRC (Chicago Resettlers Committee) building. This tournament was one of many gatherings held at the CRC Headquarters. During one month, for example, the…

Issei Countryside Outing
Issei enjoy a sunny day in the countryside, ca. 1951. From the Japanese American Service Committee Records, RG10.

Issei Outing
Photograph of an Issei outing, ca. 1950. The CRC (Chicago Resettlers Committee) was particularly concerned about the Issei, who had lost so much in the internment, had limited English skills, and often felt isolated in their new environment. The…

The Cosmos Club
Photograph of the Cosmos Club at CRC (Chicago Resettlers Committee), 1954. The CRC formed the Cosmos to help Japanese war brides adjust to American life. From the Japanese American Service Committee Records, RG 10.

Chicago Resettlers Committee Members Admire Their Ikebani
Photograph of CRC (Chicago Resettlers Committee) members admire their Ikebani, n.d. While the CRC wanted resettlers to assimilate, they also nurtured Japanese American Culture in Chicago through classes and clubs. From the Japanese American Service…

Eastern Buddhist League Dance
Photograph of an Eastern Buddhist League dance, ca. 1950. From the Fred Yamaguchi Photograph collection.

Shinyu Picnic
Photograph of a Shinyu picnic, ca. 1950. From the Japanese American Service Committee Records, RG 10.

Shinyu Dance Lesson
Photograph of a Shinyu dance lesson, ca. 1951. Shinyu, a Nisei social club, was one of the many activities the CRC (Chicago Resettlers Committee) encouraged. From the Mary and James Numata collection.

Nisei Girls Basketball Team
Photograph of the Nisei girls basketball team in the city-wide playoff, 1951. Girls’ teams were a big part of the Nisei sports movement. From the Pictorial Guidebook, 1951.
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I have heard a lot about Japanese American Service Committee of Chicago and their activities. I think they are doing a great thing and they deserve a great appreciation. Hope this will be an inspiration to others to improve humanity. more information


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