Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago


Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago


The Ethiopian Community Association of Chicago (ECAC) is a not-for-profit, non-political, tax-exempt organization committed to serving the educational, cultural, psychological, and socio-economic needs of Ethiopians in Chicago land and the surrounding areas.

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1730 W. Greenleaf Ave., Chicago, IL

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Collection Items

Ethiopian Mourning Coffee Ceremony Items
These items are associated with traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. Such events are integral throughout the culture and utilized temporally as moments to pause and celebrate, reflect, or resolve. As such a moment, the coffee ceremony is…

 Basket with Roasted Barley, "Sefate with Kolo"
Small woven straw basket filled with roasted barley. The barley contained within the basket is served with "buna" at a funeral.

Straw Table, " Mesob"
Straw table with removable lid, designed to accommodate flat bread called "injera."

Ethiopian incense, "Itan"
Ethiopian incense from tree resin burned to accompany coffee ceremony and included in serving mourners visiting family of the deceased.

Coffee Stand & Coffee Cups, "Rakebot & Sini"
The coffee stand is composed of painted wood, (either pine or cedar), while the demitasse cups are porcelain.
The coffee stand is fitted with a drawer to store the associated cups. All of which is used in the coffee ceremony.

Coffee Pot, "Jebena"
Coffee pot composed of shekla or clay, with a single spout used by Amhara ethnic group to serve coffee, along with a woven straw matote or trivet used to balance round-bottom jebena.

Mortar & Pestle, "Moukecha & Zenazena"
Mortar and pestle constructed of wood. Each item is whittled from a single block of wood and used to hand-grind roasted coffee beans.

Tin Coffee Roasting Pan, "Mankeshkesha,"
Long-handled pan for roasting coffee beans. Guests appreciate the aroma when pan is shaken to roast the beans as part of the coffee ceremony.

Camp Cookstove, "Madega"
Camp cook stove, constructed out of tin and
used to roast coffee beans as well as to heat coffee.

3-Legged Stools "Dukka"
Late 20th century stools, hand-carved from single pieces of wood.
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