Swedish American Museum


Swedish American Museum


Through its arts and educational programs and its permanent collection, the Swedish American Museum interprets the immigrant experience for children and adults and promotes an appreciation of contemporary Swedish-American culture.

Experience more by visiting the Swedish American Museum in person!

5211 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL

Visit the Swedish American Museum's website at: http://www.swedishamericanmuseum.org/

Items in the Swedish American Museum Collection

Parking Sign: You Are Beautiful
Photograph of the parking lot for the Swedish American Museum of Chicago. The parking lot is decorated with a large sign/lettering that reads, "you are beautiful."

Midsommar Fest & Community
Community members gather to pose for a photograph during Midsommar Fest in Andersonville. Two of the women are dressed in Scandinavian national costume/dress.

Midsommar Fest Dance
Color photo of a large group of community members gathered to dance around the Maypole in large circles. The dance is situated in one of the village streets of Andersonville.

"Group Brings Atmosphere of Scandinavia to Area" Clipping
Newspaper clipping, "Group Brings Atmosphere of Scandinavia to Area." The short article features a photograph of women dressed in Scandinavian clothing and men washing the sidewalk in front of an Andersonville business.

"It's Andersonville: Merchants Change Image" Clipping
Newspaper clipping ""It's Andersonville: Merchants Change Image" which discusses the name change of the Uptown Clark Street Business Association to that of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce.

Leif Ericson Discovers Andersonville Parade
Event program for the 1969 Andersonville parade "Leif Ericson Discovers Andersonville."

Scandinavian Image Revival
Newspaper clipping for the "Scandinavian Image Revival is Under Way" about the Andersonville Art Fair sponsored by the Uptown Clark Street Business Association.

Mon's Bakery
Mon's Bakery in Andersonville, Chicago.

“Mons Bakery was one of several bakeries in the Andersonville neighborhood in the mid-20th century, owned by Mons Sebby, a Norwegian immigrant and his wife Greta Anderson, a Swedish immigrant to…

Svea Restaurant Menu
Luncheon menu from Svea restaurant in Chicago's Andersonville serving an even mix of American and Swedish dishes.

Andersonville's Midsommarfest
Color photograph from a recent year of Andersonville’s Midsommarfest



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With Low Cost Essay Writing Service a task to maintain and teach Swedish-American historical past, the Swedish American museum center draws over 40,000 site visitors yearly. Aside from its everlasting showcase documenting the enjoy of Swedish individuals (with some artifacts dating returned to two hundred years), the museum additionally hosts 4 annual reveals, featuring the works of Scandinavian artists. Further to coaching instructions in folk dancing, genealogy, and Swedish language, the middle also showcases concert events, movies, and lectures. Available for birthday events, the children's museum of immigration, positioned inside the center, also gives instructional applications.


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The entire experience of being a volunteer at the Swedish American Museum is an extremely satisfying one for me with its magnificent group of volunteers, do my math homework staff and visitors.


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