Dominican American Midwest Association


Dominican American Midwest Association


Founded as a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, DAMA seeks to address the needs of all Dominicans and Dominican-Americans in the Midwest region of the U.S. Specifically, DAMA creates an avenue for analysis, planning, and action concerning political, educational, economic, and health-related issues that affect their lives.. DAMA strives to create awareness in the Dominican-American community that rights and duties permeate all social, cultural, economic, and political activities.

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Items in the Dominican American Midwest Association Collection

Doll made with vegetal fiber. It represents a character of the Dominican carnival known as "steal the chicken." A men usually dresses as this character, and goes to markets and comercial establishments asking money for his "chickens", which is a…

Piece made with vegetal fiber. Created by Taíno women to pick up vegetables.

This piece is made of vegetal fiber. It represents a character of the Dominican carnival.

Mud vase.

Hybrid<br /><br />
Carved wood piece. Representation of the mix of races in the Dominican Republic.

White Herons
Carved wood piece. Many varieties of herons can be found in the Dominican Republic.

Carved wood piece. The use of vibrant colors is a characteristic of the Dominican Art.

Piece made with guayacan wood.

Carved wood pieces painted with vibrant colors. Parrots are endemic species of the Hispaniola island.

Carnival Masks
Piece made with paper mache. These are the types of masks used in the Dominican carnival


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