Chicago's Families: Community As Family

The meaning of family applies to more than the nuclear one. This exhibit examines the families we create through shared interest and activities including social clubs, festivals and celebrations. Hear the firsthand accounts of German clubs in Chicago, and experience the festivities in traditional and religious Haitian holidays, vividly expressed by Haitian artists.

In collaboration with Chicago Cultural Alliance, the following exhibit narrates the evolution of Germany and Haiti’s past and present through an eclectic range of media. Our virtual display here will use tokens from the collections of the Haitian American Museum of Chicago and the Dank Haus German American Cultural Center, to present the people of these countries as nurturing and full of hope. It urges audience members to embrace the celebratory practices that have triumphed over time, in order to further understand the complexities of German and Haitian culture. Using art and ephemera produced in Germany, Haiti, and the United States, larger connections will be made across geographical boundaries, mediums, and time periods.


Chicago Cultural Alliance, DANK Haus German American Cultural Center, and Haitian American Museum of Chicago with the support of Sabrina Greig, Cesar Ramirez and Steve Bernin