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Late 20th century stools, hand-carved from single pieces of wood.

Ethiopian coffee ceremony stool, carved out of wood and incised with decorations.

Day three of M'aza's marriage celebration. Here we see M'aza with groomsmen at the last marriage celebration before bridal couple and guests go home.

Photographs of M'aza's marriage, day two of a three day celebration. Here we see their union in an Ethiopian-American wedding tradition that includes ethiopian cultural attire.

1- Bridal couple in their Ethiopian gold embroidered black velvet…

Photographs of M'aza's marriage, day one of a three day celebration. Here we see their union in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

1- Groom and groomsmen outside bride's home calling for her to symbolize groom and his men "stealing the bride."


Ethiopian honey wine or "Tedj" with a picture of the bridal couple on label accompanied by glasses or "Brille."

Model of a traditional Ethiopian country bride on horseback.

In the Ethiopian countryside there are no limousines to transport the bride to and from the marriage ceremony. Entirely covered in white, the bride travels on a horse to her wedding, and…

M'aza's Wedding Accessories - a wedding jewelry set and purse, from Ethiopia, 21st c.

Ethiopian and Ethiopian-American brides may have 2 sets of wedding jewelry, one gold and a second costume, in a distinctive domed design. A set includes…

M'aza's wedding dress with Ghaba (Cape) and wedding Jewelry. Ethiopian women keep their hair long and, as brides, elaborately braid their hair and adorn it with wedding jewelry. The bride's long hair falls loose resembling a figure in an Egyptian…
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