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Small woven straw basket filled with roasted barley. The barley contained within the basket is served with "buna" at a funeral.

Woven bamboo basket with long handle used for wedding gifts.

5-tiered red woven bamboo wedding basket with handle. This basket was used for gifts and/or food.

Woven, undyed straw sifter, or "Wenfit" in Amharic. The "wenfit" is the receptacle for the grain ground by the "wefcho," or stone mortar, as shown in digital image 2010.1.306. The ground grain is refined further by sifting. As is the case with…

Southern Ethiopian long baskets, or "Kerchat" in Amharic, measuring 18" long x 6"wide to 21.5" x 6".

Strikingly handsome long baskets are decorated similarly in shape and color with the use of all-natural dyes to achieve red and brown bands of…

Round Chinese sewing basket made of woven bamboo, decorated with old Chinese coins, glass beads, and tassels.
Chinese sewing baskets were very popular in the United States in the early 20th century. Reasonably priced bamboo baskets were woven in…
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