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Camp cook stove, constructed out of tin and
used to roast coffee beans as well as to heat coffee.

Items frequently found on the dinner table of the German-American community. These tasty treats and main courses are also found at the DANK Haus Kulturkuche (cultural cooking class) series.

Photo 2 Barzola-Recipe.jpg
Cristina Barzola was born in the State of Michoacán. Here she features her cookbook that connects her to Mexico through food and its scents.

Photo 6 Carabez-TortillaPress.jpg
Judith Carabez is originally from San Juanico, Michoacán. Here she sits with a tortilla press and shawl to discuss her experience migrating to the United States with her family at 5 years old.

Large "shekla" (clay, earthenware) piece, with cover, used for making spicy Ethiopian stews and/or for serving buffet-style; 12" ht, 49" circumference.

A "dist" cannot be used for baking in an oven; instead, it is used for cooking on top of a…

This is a painted, Swedish flat-plane figurine of a woman in traditional Swedish dress holding a three-legged cooking pot. In Swedish flat-plane woodcarving, a carving knife is used to create large, flat planes on the surface of the figures, as the…
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