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These items are associated with traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies. Such events are integral throughout the culture and utilized temporally as moments to pause and celebrate, reflect, or resolve. As such a moment, the coffee ceremony is…

The coffee stand is composed of painted wood, (either pine or cedar), while the demitasse cups are porcelain.
The coffee stand is fitted with a drawer to store the associated cups. All of which is used in the coffee ceremony.

Mortar and pestle constructed of wood. Each item is whittled from a single block of wood and used to hand-grind roasted coffee beans.

Late 20th century stools, hand-carved from single pieces of wood.

Ethiopian coffee ceremony stool, carved out of wood and incised with decorations.

Carved wood piece. Representation of the mix of races in the Dominican Republic.

Carved wood piece. Many varieties of herons can be found in the Dominican Republic.

Carved wood piece. The use of vibrant colors is a characteristic of the Dominican Art.

Piece made with guayacan wood.
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