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Funeral Sign from the Bowman Funeral Home

"Gracie’s Tiger”, by Grace Lai. Pen, ink, and watercolor painting of a tiger.
Artist Grace Lai (1927-2010) was known for her “on-site” construction paintings of Chicago’s changing skyline. She was intrepid, painting year round up on high floors of…

The Chinese temple at the Mt. Auburn cemetery for Chinese families to burn offerings to their ancestors.

Brass water pipe, used for smoking tobacco. On one side, Shou Lao, God of Longevity and his deer, stork and pine tree, all expressing wish for long life. On other side, Chinese character 壽 (longevity)

Rare adoption document during times of famine. The translation reads:

"This is the document that gives our own son away, by Chen Dian-yuan, village of Heng-mei. During this time of famine, there is no way to feed all family members. Therefore,…

The purely Chinese-American concept of "paper son" originated after the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act. Chinese-born men came to America adopting the name of another family and claiming to be sons of Chinese U.S. citizens. To pass the rigorous questions…

Chicago’s Chinese-American boys joined the Boy Scout movement a decade after the founding of the San Francisco troop of Boy Scouts. This marked a serious commitment to assimilation and good community relations in Chicago.

Frank Moy, “Mayor of Chinatown”, was the recipient of this On Leong Chinese Merchants Association gold pin. Given July 10, 1924. The reverse shows the recipient’s name engraved in Chinese.

Small porcelain plate from one of Chicago’s first and finest Chinese restaurants, King Joy Lo, located in the original Chicago Chinatown at 57 West Randolph Street. Built and furnished with Chinese décor, the elegant 3-floor restaurant cost $125,000…

Crown of Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy. This crown, a portion of the altar to Guanyin from the Ling Long Museum [of Chinese History], was perched above a massive painting of the Goddess sitting on a lotus. The huge crown is made of brightly painted…
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