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  • Collection: Chinese-American Museum of Chicago

Rare adoption document during times of famine. The translation reads:

"This is the document that gives our own son away, by Chen Dian-yuan, village of Heng-mei. During this time of famine, there is no way to feed all family members. Therefore,…

Chinese cloth baby carrier (mer dai). Four long wide straps sewn and extend from a square piece of cloth with bowed sides. Often the center is embroidered with fortuitous symbols. Baby carrier not only provides intimate mother-child bonding but also…

Two baby hats, handmade by baby's grandmother and donor. It was customarily worn by the baby at the month old celebration.

Silk, embroidered and hand sewn. Tiger represents the family's wish for the child to be as robust and dynamic as a tiger.

When the baby turns one month old, a banquet is held to introduce the baby to family and friends. Guests give monetary gifts in red packets or sometimes jewelry. At the dinner, plates of red dyed eggs and pickled red ginger are served. The color red…

Photograph of a Chinese wedding carriage made of wood and fabric in red. Traditionally used to transport the bride from her home to the groom's home on the wedding day. Here the bride is carried in to the wedding ceremony.

Modern funerary articles left with the deceased to take with them into the afterlife. Here is a kit that can be pre-purchased with fashion sun glasses, jewelry, a cell phone, purse, make-up and watch.

Child's red silk jacket hand embroidered in silver threads with dragon motif.

Chicago’s Chinese-American boys joined the Boy Scout movement a decade after the founding of the San Francisco troop of Boy Scouts. This marked a serious commitment to assimilation and good community relations in Chicago.
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