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Child's doll of a man with hat, glasses, and coat holding a book.

Stuffed toy shaped as a dog (Dachshund) in purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange stripes. The dog is "Waldi," the first official Olympic mascot. He was created fro the 1972 summer Olympics in Munich.

2007_1_2 Left.JPG
Wood relief carvings, 1890-1910, second wood carving of two scenes from Richard Wagner's opera "Lohengren."

Matchbook from the Zum Deutschen Eck restaurant and cocktail lounge, once located at 2924 N. Southport Ave (1400W) Chicago.
The Restaurant name translates to: The German Corner

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Wood relief carving, 1890-1910, five scenes from Richard Wagner's opera "Lohengren."

1000 Mark Reichsbanknote, Berlin, 1922.

This 1000 Mark banknote was printed in Berlin in December 1922, during Germany's three-year hyperinflation period that occurred as a result of World War I. At the time of printing, the bill would have been…

Medal with relief of Chicago skyline and imagery, including a bull, a Blackhawk, the Picasso sculpture, and an Art Institute of Chicago lion. The medal is signed on the back by the German American National Congress, which was founded in 1959 with the…

DANK Haus cornerstone time capsule, sealed in 1927 and discovered in 2012. The building and capsule contents were formerly owned by the Three Links Lodge or Three Links Temple.

500,000,000 Reichbanknote, Berlin, 1923-1924.

This 500,000,000 banknote was printed in Berlin in September 1923 and put into circulation in January 1924. At the time of printing, 500,000,000 Marks would have been worth around 40 dollars, however…

100,000,000 Reichsbanknote, Berlin, 1923.

This 100,000,000 banknote was printed in Berlin in 1923, during Germany's three-year period of hyperinflation that occurred as a result of World War I. The cream bill has printing on only one side and uses…
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