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Small woven straw basket filled with roasted barley. The barley contained within the basket is served with "buna" at a funeral.

The Ķezbers family (Kārlis, not pictured, and Marta and their three children) arrived in February, 1949 on the Marine Tiger, that brought many Poles, Latvians, and Estonians to New York. The mother and her children were featured on the cover of The…

Handmade mosaic quilt "Erzulie Dantour." One of the ways that the Haitian community comes together is through religion. Catholic and Vodou symbolism act as an artistic space for the two religions to merge. Pictured above is Erzulie Dantour, the…

Photograph of a “Go” tournament, 1949. Issei men play traditional Japanese game at the CRC (Chicago Resettlers Committee) building. This tournament was one of many gatherings held at the CRC Headquarters. During one month, for example, the…

SAM Article 3.jpg
Newspaper clipping, "Group Brings Atmosphere of Scandinavia to Area." The short article features a photograph of women dressed in Scandinavian clothing and men washing the sidewalk in front of an Andersonville business.

SAM Article 2.jpg
Newspaper clipping ""It's Andersonville: Merchants Change Image" which discusses the name change of the Uptown Clark Street Business Association to that of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce.

A "jelebeeya" is a tunic-style prayer shirt, without collar and buttons, worn by Muslim men in Ethiopia. The long, white shirt in ECAC's collection is embroidered with white silky threads around its v-shaped neck, on the breast pocket as well as the…

A "netella" -- or shawl -- is an item of cultural clothing worn by Ethiopian women over the head and/or shoulders. Usually made of white fabric, a "netella" has colorful borders, often embroidered, at each of the long ends. Sometimes metallic…

NPHM Silhouette.jpg
Black and white photo titled, "Silhouette."
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