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Photographs of M'aza's marriage, day two of a three day celebration. Here we see their union in an Ethiopian-American wedding tradition that includes ethiopian cultural attire.

1- Bridal couple in their Ethiopian gold embroidered black velvet…

Photographs of M'aza's marriage, day one of a three day celebration. Here we see their union in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

1- Groom and groomsmen outside bride's home calling for her to symbolize groom and his men "stealing the bride."


Model of a traditional Ethiopian country bride on horseback.

In the Ethiopian countryside there are no limousines to transport the bride to and from the marriage ceremony. Entirely covered in white, the bride travels on a horse to her wedding, and…

Bridal red brocade cheongsam (qipao) decorated with dragons & phoenixes, worn by lender at her wedding in 2005.

Groom wedding garment, blue garment with a red vest, and a blue and red hat. Worn by the lender at his wedding December 17, 2005 in Chicago

Man and woman's wedding garments/gowns worn by Mary Lou Wu and Billy J.C. Wu at their wedding in 1936. The mens garment is a light blue/grey and the woman's garment is light pink.
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